International Society of Food,
Agriculture and Environment
International Society of Food,
Agriculture and Environment
International Society of Food,
Agriculture and Environment
Welcome to the International Society of Food, Agriculture and Environment.

The International Society of Food, Agriculture and Environment is one of the leading institutes on Agriculture and the environment.


We address tropical issues facing the world and the agricultural sector.


New Cultivation Methods

There is an increasing demand for food products across the world. As such, over the last few years, new methods has emerged to ensure the world can meet up with these ever-increasing needs. A prominent result has been the emergence of new cultivation methods across.

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Food Systems

The food system is essential to achieving food security in the world. However, despite the importance of the food system, many challenges still face it. For instance, it is influenced by the prevailing social, economic, political, and environmental reality. Also, the effects of both climate and non-climate factors threaten the food system, which then has multiple effects on food security.

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Main Topics


Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Available evidence shows that the earliest form of coronavirus existed around 10,000 years ago (8000 BC). Today, it is the cause of the global pandemic, originating in Wuhan city, China, in December 2019. Due to its rapid spread across different countries and its potentially fatal rate, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the coronavirus as a matter of global emergency in public health requiring rapid global attention.

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Desert Locust

The desert locust is arguably the most dangerous of all other locust pests. Its swam also a threat to crops and plants on farmlands.

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Innovation in Agriculture

Daily, technological innovations are disrupting every stratum of the world. It is so massive that one has no other choice but to join the innovation train. The agriculture sector is also not left out of this innovation. Daily, different methods are coming to the limelight to disrupt the old methods of doing agriculture. In fact, without innovation in agriculture, there would still be limits to the development of agriculture. Innovation drives agriculture throughout the globe.

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Global Warming

In the past five decades, there has been a rapid increase in temperature globally. Climate and environmental experts have recorded a sharp and unfortunate increase in the average global temperature with nineteen of the twenty warmest years on earth occurring since the year 2001, and 2016 still holding the record for the warmest of them all. Daily the reality of global warming hits humans harder.

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Farm Equipment Finance

Farm equipment financing is a business arrangement where farms apply reputable farm equipment finances to get the necessary capital to purchase your farm equipment.

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Truck Finance

Agricultural practice is not complete without the place of transportation. For many farmers, they are only fulfilled when their farm produce gets to the market. Farm truck is central to many of the activities concerned with agriculture. The problem, however, is the cost of these trucks. Truck finance is an ideal solution. It is an arrangement where a farmer approach firms that provide farm equipment finance or other types of vehicular finance for capital to help you fund your truck purchase.

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What We Stand For

At the International Society of Food, Agriculture and Environment, what we stand for is obvious from what we do. We exist to serve the interest of our members across all boards. We do this by employing different means to satisfy their needs.

One of such means is by providing the right information for their consumption so that they can make the right choices during their agricultural practice.

Beyond this, we also embark on critical areas of Knowledge gap bridging, industry Research and development, and Community Engagement.

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Contribution to Knowledge

At the International Society of Food, Agriculture and Environment, we are fully committed to contributing immensely to the available body of knowledge on the various aspects of agricultural practices, food security and environmental impact of many of human activities.

Even more, we have been able to fill the spaces wherever we notice a lacuna in the available amount of knowledge. Our partnership with reputable organisations like the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) and many national governments committed to developing agriculture and eradicating the impact of global warming on the earth has been very critical to fulfilling our vision of contributing exclusively to human knowledge.


One of our most notable hallmarks at the International Society of Food, Agriculture and Environment is our stubborn commitment to breaking new grounds in agricultural research. We recognise that progress is easily achieved when new models of doing things are developed. That is why we have invested a lot in adding to knowledge through research and development.

With success recorded so far, we have no doubt that we are leading the way in this area.